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Coaching Excellence


Having worked with some of the biggest institutions in sport and education from Real Madrid to Oxford University, Head Coach Jon Collins is primarily focused on Coaching Excellence. His overall goal is to develop a simple methodology for learning and teaching the complex sport of submission grappling, whilst continuing to promote the practicality of Jiu Jitsu as an unrivaled form of self-defence.
Whether you are attracted to BJJ by it's global reputation as a powerful self-defence system, the prevalence of Jiu Jitsu practitioners competing in the UFC, or perhaps you a looking for a new exciting and challenge, sport or hobby. Our focus is solely on your development.
We place a strong emphasis on teaching applied universal concepts, foundational movement patterns and utilising the constant training of the physical, technical and tactical elements through innovative games. As Jon explains: "The thing that first amazed me about Mauricio was his problem solving ability. Rather than offering over-complicated technical solutions, Mauricio is more likely to make a very subtle adjustment in his positioning or weight distribution - and instantly - the problem disappears! This is what an expert does best, finds the most efficient and effective solution, based upon decades of conceptual learning. This is how you produce highly skillful & intelligent students."​

All our classes from Kids and our Beginners Program, through to experienced Competition Athletes are coached in the same systems and methods that we see working consistently at the highest levels. However, this is only half the story...

...Just as important as the approach we take is the environment we create. BJJ is addictive fun and training is supposed to be an enjoyable release from the pressures of modern life, whilst constantly teaching you valuable lessons about how to overcome personal struggles. Guildford Jiu Jitsu is committed to providing our members (and all those who visit us) with supportive and friendly training partners and coaches, that make every class a pleasant experience you can look forward to.

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