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David Drury

Head Coach, Roger Gracie Academy Leigh

"I have worked with, coached with and trained alongside Jon for 6 years. He has the attitude, enthusiasm, knowledge and skill to benefit students of all ages and abilities."


Adam Wiles
IPPON Gym, BJJ Brown Belt Competitor

"You won't find another teacher who consistently shares this knowledge with a beaming smile... ...if you're interested in BJJ, self-defence or MMA, drop in & take a class with Jon & the team, you won't regret it."


Joshua Creba
Purple Belt

"The quality of instruction I have received from Jon has been incredible. I would highly, highly recommend to anyone that Guildford Jiu Jitsu be their first choice of school. This will be one decision you look back on in years to come and only wish you started with Jon sooner."


Tim C.
Guildford Jiu Jitsu Mauricio Gomes Legacy Team White Belt

"Jon creates a comfortable and friendly environment where everyone is valued and there's no such thing as a stupid question.

I'd encourage anyone, of any experience, ability or fitness level give Guildford Jiu Jitsu a try. You'll be very surprised what you can achieve under Jon's wing."


Matt Fryer
Paraestra UK, BJJ Purple Belt Competitor

"I've trained with Jon for a while in BJJ and his teaching style, expertise and attitude are as polished and refined as his skills as a grappler. I'd heartily recommend his classes."


Gareth Riddy
BJJ Brown Belt & Grappling Globetrotter

"Guildford is lucky to have one of the best BJJ teachers I've ever had the pleasure to learn from. I'd place Jon's teaching methods above most of the big names I've learned from over the years."


Ian Keery
BJJ Black Belt & Head Coach of TVP BJJ Team

"I have had the pleasure of having Jon teach at our club. He is a an excellent instructor under the great Mauricio Gomes.

It was the in-depth knowledge of technique, pressure and the small details often missed, that Jon brought to the class. His friendly manner and fluid instruction was enjoyed by all."


Oli M.
Guildford Jiu Jitsu Mauricio Gomes Legacy Team Blue Belt

"Guildford BJJ is unlike any other club I’ve been to &  I’ve tried a fair few! Jon has revamped my way of thinking & training. He has provided me with a range of simpler, yet far more effective versions of all the classic, fundamental techniques and my BJJ has improved dramatically"


Dan W.

PSUK Competitive Wrestler

"Great bunch of people, very welcoming and the teaching is top notch."


Clare H.
SURPOL BJJ Team White Belt

"I’d tested out most of the BJJ clubs in the area, trying to find one that felt right. At Guildford Jiu Jitsu, the atmosphere is super friendly and relaxed. Jon teaches for love of the sport and has built a really fun, supportive group as a result."


George Trae
Guildford Jiu Jitsu Mauricio Gomes Legacy Team White Belt

"Jon is not only a fantastic coach but he makes it so easy and so fun to get started on your BJJ Journey. Brilliant club, awesome classes and a knowledgeable coach who is willing to spend as much time as you need to progress through the belt grading system!"


Junior Lweno
Guildford Jiu Jitsu Mauricio Gomes Legacy Team Blue Belt

"Thanks to Jon’s teaching, his patience and knowledge, I’ve found myself enjoying training day after day at Guildford Jiu Jitsu. If you want to learn how to defend yourself & be comfortable under stressful conditions, there isn’t a better teacher to learn from."

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