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Instruction Tailored To Your Needs 

While regular group classes are the primary way that most students learn and develop their Jiu Jitsu skills, some prefer to begin with or supplement their understanding with Private Classes. Calm, focused one-on-one time with your instructor will help you make strides forward in the following areas:

  • Personalised Learning. Solely focusing on your individual needs, we will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and develop a personalized plan to take you to the next level!

  • System Review. Feel like there's a gap in your knowledge of a particular Leg-lock System or Guard Passing System? Perhaps you are simply looking for guidance linking different systems in an effective way? We will spend time digging deeper into systems and strategies that will level-up your game.

  • Technical Review. Due to the pace of group classes, it’s easy to miss the odd technical detail. Through Private Classes we are able to refine any missing details and also help you customize techniques to your body type, physical characteristics, style, and capabilities.

  • Competition Preparation. Address your specific needs prior to any upcoming tournaments and practice under the relevant competition rules and time limits.

  • Growth Mindset. Part of our holistic approach is to ensure that all components of training (physical, technical, tactical & psychological) are developed equally. If one or more of these pillars is neglected then the entire platform that they support will come crashing down as soon as enough stress is applied. Some of the areas we focus on to develop a Mindset for Jiu Jitsu include goal-setting, inner-monologue control, visualization, breathing and relaxation.

  • Record & Review. Not only will your instructor email you a copy of the Private Lesson Plan they have designed for you, but we also offer the opportunity for your class to be recorded via video. This will save on note taking for the more diligent students and being able to see and review the session multiple times will ensure all the important details are captured.

  • Flexibility. Given the complications of life and busy schedules, sometimes the group classes aren’t the most convenient.  Private lessons offer maximum flexibility with training available daytime, evenings, and weekends.  More flexibility means more mat time and more free time.

To accelerate your progression using our Private Lessons contact us

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