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Our Stunning Dedicated Grappling Facililty



Purpose-built Facility

In 2022 we created a specially designed space in the centre of Guildford, specifically for Jiu Jitsu. With shower facilities, 5G WiFi, viewing/bar area and access to coffee shops, multi-storey parking, bus & railway stations and some of Surrey's best shopping. Our gym is both perfectly formed and perfectly placed.

Quality & Safety

We refuse to compromise when it comes to facility design, safety and quality. Zebra Mats produce the world's best grappling and jiu jitsu mats. Coated with smooth vinyl for use in No-Gi training, there are no gaps or loose connections (as often found in cheaper jigsaw-style matting) which is often responsible for broken toes and can provide a haven for all kinds of trouble causing bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Constantly cleaned with a special anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, providing a clean, fresh and safe environment is our absolute priority.


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